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Understand yourself and learn how you can lead yourself with compassion

Self Led You is a flavour of therapeutic coaching striving for Self leadership. This is an empowered state of mind marked by calm, compassion, courage and clarity where we can take long-range, wide-angle decisions and live our lives from a sense of inner freedom, regardless of circumstances. You can choose to be present, conscious and fully committed to yourself and your needs more often. This includes filling needs of people you care about, encouraging positive family relationships, and striving to build a community and context you want to live in.

This journey begins inside. Using your own life, feelings, body sensations, thoughts and physical actions as starting points, we'll work with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model to guide and encourage you to go inside yourself, listen with compassion to what's there, and care for it. Throughout, you are empowered to own the relationship with the different aspects of yourself that you notice, understand them at a deep and friendly level, and learn how you can be there for yourself in the ways that you need.

After repeated respectful interactions with different parts of yourself, you'll notice a sensation of inner safety and strength as trust levels increase. At this point, you're well on the way towards personal independence, capability for responsible dependence and maturity as a human being. Over time, you will be able to help different parts of yourself feel braver, release outdated beliefs and emotional charges, and invite new, more desirable qualities into your life.

This process is remarkably simple yet requires plenty of hard work and effort. Self Led You is here to help facilitate that process so you can more easily become that compassionate inner leader you have the capacity to become.


Increase your life quality and learn an invaluable, unforgettable skill

Self Led You is for individuals and couples who would like to benefit from the clarity and/or healing that comes from working with the IFS model. Whether you're looking to help yourself through a rough patch, achieve a new sense of direction, understand a complex issue, or heal parts of yourself that call to you for attention, the IFS model can assist you in that work and that is what Self Led You is here to help with.

The IFS model is simple and intuitive to understand yet hard to master. It is a systems-based model, which means that it not only considers one aspect of you or your surroundings, but instead emphasises a wholesome, holistic perspective. IFS models our inner worlds after the social surroundings we grew up in and sees the different parts of ourselves as "inner family members".

Here is a humorous and simplified example of how interactions between these parts of us can look like:

(See an article here to read more about this how this Pixar movie relates to the IFS model.)

IFS is a respectful, therapeutic and deeply empowering working process that allows you to identify and release constraints that inhibit your full growth and development. You will not only be able to do so and feel stronger but you will also start to learn how to do this for yourself in the future. This builds an unforgettable and vital skill that IFS calls Self leadership. Passing that skill on to others is one of the main goals of my practice.

Because of the systemic nature of the IFS model, it has been used successfully in organisations, schools and creative endeavours while first and foremost remaining an effective therapeutic approach. Read more about the fundamentals of the IFS model at the Center for Self Leadership.


Affordable, private and strictly confidential. In person, phone or video calls.

Location and times: My practise is located in London at StillPoint, a short walk from Liverpool Street station (map here). I am flexible in terms of time, get in touch with me and I'm sure we can find an good arrangement.

Fees: My fees are £70 per hour. I offer lower rates on sessions scheduled ahead of time: £350 for a block of 6 sessions or £450 for a block of 10. I can also offer concession prices and/or payment in instalments to individuals in need, especially if we schedule sessions well in advance.

Privacy: I am conscious of your integrity and take every measure possible to ensure the privacy of our discussions. If you would like to get in touch with me but feel you have reasons to have serious privacy concerns, please read this guide on how to secure your emails using my public key. I do not make any electronic notes of sessions or of our communications outside of the emails I send to you.

Confidentiality: I adhere to the BACP's confidentiality recommendation outlined on page eleven of this document: [link to PDF].


Andreas Michael IFS Practitioner in London

Andreas Michael (MSc, BSc) is a supervised IFS Practitioner with professional indemnity insurance. He's a member of the Center for Self Leadership, Internal Family Systems UK and adheres to the ethical framework of the BACP.

Andreas has been working daily with the IFS model since 2014. He first learned to use it with himself before completing training to use it in a therapeutic capacity with others. He uses IFS for a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, constant tension, anger management, lack of motivation and low self-esteem.

He has undergone several leadership training programs and applies IFS principles and values in professional environments. Andreas is a certified Scrum Master (PSM-I) and currently works as a project manager in the tech industry in London. He also applies the IFS model creatively, is a founding partner of Self Leadership through Creativity [link] and the IFS & Creativity global working group and serves as a volunteer to support the missions of Co-Dependents Anonymous and the Mankind Project.


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I am deeply committed to helping my clients get what they want. As an IFS Practitioner, I use the IFS model in service to your needs. I subscribe to the belief and values of the IFS model and remain convinced that each and every individual can work towards being more Self-led and thereby improve the overall quality of their lives.

IFS is an evidence-based method, meaning it's been found to be effective by the U.S. government's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in line with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other widely known approaches. It is non-pathologising and doesn't give nor ascribe to various diagnoses. Instead, it views us as human beings with unique personalities and set of circumstances.

Could Self Led You be for you? Book a free consultation with me to find out more. I'll be happy to hear from you.

Phone: 074 292 479 40 (UK) or 617 500 7550 (US)

Emergencies: If you are in a crisis right now and need to talk to somebody immediately there are several options. Samaritans offer a 24 hour help line on 08457 90 90 90. There is also likely to be a local Crisis Line in your area offering 24 hour advice and support on Mental Health issues. You can find this by searching online for Crisis Line + your area. 0300 1234 244 is the number for West London. If you or someone close to you is in imminent danger of harming themselves you can go to the nearest hospital Accident and Emergency Department where you can be seen by the emergency psychiatrist.